Naksha Security and Manpower Services would like to thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. We take pride in providing you with the maximum standard of service in the security and protection industry. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to communicate frequently with myself or any member of Naksha Security and Manpower Services staff. We look forward to the opportunity to work together to accomplish your security and protection goals. Thank you again for reviewing the Naksha Security and Manpower Services proposal.

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Whether our clients conduct business internationally or just around the corner, they count on the resources we provide. If you need one security officer or a team of officers, for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget. Our security solutions include the Six Pillars of Protective Services.

Security Services

As a growing leader in security services, Naksha has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to protect our clients’ businesses, employees and assets. Whether it’s in a high-risk conflict zone or in daily operations, we’re there.

Security Guards

Our certified security guards are highly trained and supported by cutting edge technology to ensure the safety and security of your business operations.

Access Control

We provide both staffing and a full range of access control solutions to help secure your facilities and events. Identifying key access points and optimizing security at each are fundamental in creating an effective security program.

Crowd Management

There’s a lot more to effective crowd management than just dotting a venue with security personnel. It takes expert planning, coordination and communication.

CCTV solutions designed for you

We offer a range of choices, from traditional analog CCTV systems to the latest IP-based digital solutions. We can provide everything from stand-alone cameras for a branch office to full CCTV coverage for large building complexes and multiple properties. We also offer fully integrated IP addressable CCTV systems for high-security environments.
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  • Fully Insured,Licensed & Bonded
  • Only Employs Licensed Guards & Agents
  • Screens and Trains all personel
  • Supervises sites and staff daily
  • Trusted Company used by ranked Professionals


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Prospective clients

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