The Last of the One-Time-Purchase QuickBooks Licenses 2019 is End of Life

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If you’re not sure what version your hosting provider is using or what their plans are for upgrading to Windows 10, you should contact them for more information. Most hosting providers will upgrade their systems to move to Windows 10 or to newer versions of Windows Server. While it is possible to use QuickBooks in an “offline mode,” our system requirements for all current versions of QuickBooks do call for an online connection. We cannot guarantee full QuickBooks functionality without an internet connection.

It sits comfortably between what is bookkeeping 50 and Sage 200 Professional, ideal for businesses looking to make the switch to a cloud accounting solution. The evolution of tech tools for business are essential to continued innovation, growth, and efficiency. Intuit continues to pursue better software and tools for its customers based on this overarching reality.

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise and have a current Full Service Plan or Enterprise subscription, then the most recent version of the software is available to you via a free download. Contact us for assistance in upgrading or to evaluate new add-ons to improve the efficiency of your operations. In addition to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2018, there are a few other Intuit products that are affected by the discontinuation of add-on services. Next, press the F2 key or simultaneously press the “Ctrl” and “1” keys. Search for your product name, product number, and license number in the Product Information window. In the Usage Information section, you will see the “Date First Used”.

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To help safeguard our customers’ personal information, like their Social Security number and bank account information, the latest products will not work with Windows 7. 2019 versions can be upgraded to the latest edition of QuickBooks which has been rebranded as QuickBooks Desktop Plus. Pricing based on 1 user is as follows, excluding any current promotions.


Major aspect of product discontinuation is the loss of software updates and security updates in particular. When users of 2016 QuickBooks versions stop receiving critical security updates, it could leave the installation vulnerable in a variety of ways. Losing security updates should be reason enough to upgrade your software, even if you don’t need the add-on services. It’s your financial data, so you should consider the value of having better security than your out-of-date software can provide. If you don’t use any add-on services in QuickBooks desktop 2019, then your product will likely still work for you.

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May 31, 2019 marks the end of access to all services for QuickBooks 2016 Desktop editions. This includes QuickBooks Desktop 2016 Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions and Accountant editions for Windows, and the 2016 Mac edition. The software will continue to function at an basic level after that date, but technical support will end and all integrated services will stop working with the software. QuickBooks Online is an easy first introduction to finance software for a new small business owner, and the solution may work for the business for some time. As the business grows and as needs change and become more complex, it will be necessary to implement software solutions that can adapt and address the new requirements.

Countdown to End of Life for QuickBooks 2016

Another sticky issue with QBO is where multiple company files are involved. With Online, each company is a separate “subscription”, where QuickBooks desktop sees it as just another company file. For some businesses with many files or business entities to manage, this is a deal-breaker for using QBO. While Intuit sunsets the older versions of QuickBooks every year after a new version is released, these days they’re being a little more aggressive in trying to convert folks to QuickBooks Online. QBO does offer some neat features such as automatic bank account updates, but it isn’t quite what QuickBooks desktop users have come to expect from their beloved QB. The functionality of QBO is quite different from QB desktop, as is the data format.

  • There won’t be any live support available, and none of the other Intuit services that work with QuickBooks desktop will work with your 2019 version, and you won’t receive any updates or patches for security or other fixes.
  • When multi-user access is needed, NOOBEH delivers completely private cloud servers where all your users can access your business applications and data securely, from anywhere you need them to.
  • For some, this notification comes via email or phone, but for many it is a notification provided right in the software.
  • Most other POS options also already have QuickBooks integration for your accounting software, whether it be QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Rather, you will be purchasing an annual subscription to the software, which must be maintained in order to keep using the software. Under the 2019 license, you can still use the software even if the support lapses because the application will still run, just without any connected services or updates. But with the subscription license, the subscription must be active for the software to run.

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When a new version of the software is released, Intuit ends support for the older versions. In this case, as QuickBooks 2022 becomes mainstream, QuickBooks 2019 goes out of support. It is very important that users not miss this notification because it really means more than just a need to update the software.

  • This is the full list of QuickBooks products affected by service discontinuation after May 31, 2022.
  • QuickBooks desktop “power users” will likely as not disapprove of how QBO handles things and will find that the functionality is limited in comparison.
  • You can prevent your essential add-on services from becoming obsolete by upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
  • At Celerant, we are offering an exclusive discount for QuickBooks Point of Sale users to help transition onto a new software platform.
  • In this case, as QuickBooks 2022 becomes mainstream, QuickBooks 2019 goes out of support.

We understand that not everyone wants to remain on the cutting edge of innovation and constantly work with the latest and greatest technological advances. However, naturally, newer versions of software typically provide increased capabilities for higher functionality, efficiency, and growth. You can read the minimum system requirements for Intuit QuickBooks desktop products by clicking here. After August 10, 2022, access to add-on services will be discontinued for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. We understand how daunting it can be to migrate all your data to a new retail system.

For some, this notification comes via email or phone, but for many it is a notification provided right in the software. A popup or other message is displayed that notifies the user that their software needs to be upgraded to the newer version. Upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop to continue use of payroll, online banking, online backup, support and updates. For Windows users, 2017, 2018 and 2019 versions continue to be supported, but 2019 becomes the only supported version for Mac. Intuit previously indicated that there wouldn’t be a new Mac version, so having a 2019 edition represents a big win for Mac users who wish to keep their QuickBooks compatible with newer Mac OS versions.

These can help you keep your system secure, even after Windows 7’s end of life. However, our notification systems cannot distinguish between customers who receive Extended Security Updates and customers who do not. Because of this, you will still see the same notices and prompts as other Windows 7 users. QuickBooks Online offers features such as automatic bank account updates, the ability to access your books anywhere you have internet access, and more. For the full list of subscription features, check out the QuickBooks Online pricing page. Businesses that don’t need payroll, online banking or other services with QuickBooks should still upgrade the software.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks to ensure compatibility. Check the system requirements for each one to see if it supports your new operating system version. If you have older versions of TurboTax from prior years, you’ll be able to continue using them both on Windows 7 or on higher versions of Windows if you upgrade. Once you’ve upgraded your Windows operating system, your current version of TurboTax or QuickBooks Desktop will work on your PC. If you are a QuickBooks POS user looking for a smooth transition to a new retail system?

For clarity, QuickBooks Online is not impacted by this end-of-life announcement. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based software subscription that is continually updated. Most QuickBooks users take advantage of one or more of these services. If you do not think you are affected because you are not using any of these features, it is best that you contact Mendelson consulting to learn how these could help you.


This includes all versions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions v19. While you can technically continue to use QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0 without these services after October 3, 2023, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. Without support, including critical security patches, your system could become more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data theft over time.


At Celerant, we are offering an exclusive discount for QuickBooks Point of Sale users to help transition onto a new software platform. Celerant is even offering a DISCOUNTED Data Conversion Service to help you easily transfer your customer and product data from QuickBooks to Cumulus Retail, making your transition as smooth as possible. New customers will no longer be able to purchase QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 19.0 licenses. This means that if you’re thinking about using this software for your business, you’ll need to look for an alternative solution.

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The system requirements for newer versions of Windows are the same as Windows 7. You can confirm your computer will support Windows 10 by reviewing Microsoft’s system requirements. You won’t be able to install future versions of TurboTax on your PC.

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