Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary Says AOC Is ‘great At Killing Jobs’

The Ocasio-Cortez staffer, who reportedly is no longer working for the congresswoman, took responsibility for the unpaid dues. While speaking to investigators, Ocasio-Cortez said that she was unaware of unpaid expenses related to the dress she wore and stylists that helped her get ready for the Met Gala in 2021. “I just never, ever, ever would have allowed that to happen knowing what I have learned,” she said. “But I wasn’t privy to the invoices, wasn’t privy to the ones that had been sent.” The House Office of Congressional Ethics opened an investigation into whether Ocasio-Cortez violated House rules by improperly accepting gifts at the Met Gala, but the congresswoman claimed she was unaware and proceeded to let a staff member take the blame.

Ocasio-Cortez shared the tweet and replied with scorn, calling Cortes a ‘creepy weirdo’ for her remarks about her boyfriend’s Birkenstock sandals. In an interview with Vogue, AOC revealed she met Riley during an event that was organized by the Dean of BU. Even though the two were poles apart in terms of their personality, their ideology aligned perfectly. Katherine’s a Boston-based contributor at Marie Claire who covers fashion, culture, and lifestyle—from “Clueless” to Everlane to news about Lizzo. She’s been a freelancer for 11 years and has had roles with Cosmopolitan and Bustle, with bylines in Parents, Seventeen, and elsewhere. It’s “I go to dinner,” not “Her huge ego,” but she responds to both.


“Linda is a double threat,” Air Mail founder Graydon Carter said. “A funny, engaging and informed writer and a brilliant editor. We plan to build all our new titles around editors. And in her field, there is none better or more followed than Linda. Without her, we would never have created Look.” The first clip used against the congresswoman is actually from a longer video filmed while Ocasio-Cortez was a student at Boston University ― not while she was in high school, as the original poster suggested. As a young tech professional, Riley Roberts knows how to work social media platforms for maximum exposure. In the Netflix documentary “Knock Down The House,” telling the story of Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and other young progressives who rode into Congress on the 2018 blue wave, Roberts gives commentary on how Democratic consultants no longer know what they’re doing.

She got a dog “to force myself to not and breathe work,” shetoldVanity Fair. Ocasio-Cortez explained on Twitter that because they were so busy with the election, the couple hadn’t “gotten a haircut in months.” In the end, the couple had the last laugh; Ocasio-Cortez took it to her Instagram stories to say the jokes on Twitter inspired her boyfriend to get that post-election haircut. Ocasio-Cortez also mentioned him in a Twitter post where she took the GOP and media to task for going to Roberts’ family’s home looking for slanderous stories about her.

“Can you just let us live? You obviously don’t believe the policies in FL are dangerous or you wouldn’t be there, so fight for the same ones for your people. That’s it. That’s the point!” one person pointed out. “‘You just want to have sex me’ is potentially the filthiest, most immature response I’ve ever heard uttered from an elected official that is facing critique. She’s quite literally creating a Republican sexual fantasy about herself,” Candace Owens responded. The best way to live your best life is to get a handle on your finances so you don’t have to be beholden to anyone. I’ve tracked my finances since 2012 with Personal Capital, the best free app on the web. Save and invest aggressively so that you have enough money and passive income to do work you truly enjoy.

After going through all that awkwardness, things finally got easy. We ended up spending the rest of that afternoon and night together. We met around 2 and it took until about 4 – halfway through our game of bowling – until things really clicked. Three days later she’s at my place cooking me dinner and spending the night. By Thursday evening, the congresswoman hadn’t publicly responded to the clip of her dancing, and a representative for Ocasio-Cortez did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment. Responding to the buzz around the video, Ocasio-Cortez on Friday shared a new version of the video ― this time, from the Capitol.

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Republican leader vows party WILL win House majority after US midterm flop

Over the years, AOC has managed to gain a lot of followers due to her bold stance on various topics. At the same time, the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress has been keeping up with the trend through her social media. Roberts was there with Ocasio-Cortez’s brother Gabriel and her mother Blanca . Roberts is the tall, bearded gentleman at the far right who was literally beaming from ear to ear in support of his history-making girlfriend. According to a now-defunct LinkedIn page, Roberts was head of marketing at, which helps people manage the maintenance on their homes.

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At the time of the filing, her assets included between $1,001 and $15,000 in a checking account, between $1,001 and $15,000 in a brokerage account, and between $1,001 and $15,000 invested in a 401K plan. In terms of earned income, the report discloses that she had earned $3,588 in wages the previous year from the New York City restaurant where she worked as a server . This yrs financials show she is now worth over 1 million net worth. Air Mail Look will be the digital publication’s first editorial expansion since its launch in 2019. The title will publish monthly and include investigations, reported pieces, columns and more. Stories will cover everything from makeup to fitness to sex and will be edited by Linda Wells, Air Mail’s beauty columnist and founding editor of Allure.

The congresswoman, widely known as AOC, accused Republicans of being weirdly obsessed with her. That, at least, is the Democrat’s explanation for why conservatives mocked her for fleeing COVID-plagued New York for Miami Beach during the holidays with her sandal-wearing boyfriend, as shown in photos posted by National Review. After Roberts returned to Arizona after college, he began work as a web developer before he reunited with the future congresswoman in New York. By then, the future member of the left-leaning “Squad” was working in food service. Ocasio-Cortez was raised by Puerto Rican-American parents, born in the Bronx and schooled in Yorktown in suburban Westchester County.

Who is AOC’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts?

Today, books that promote blood type personality theory still sell briskly. As with horoscopes, some people give blood types serious regard when making decisions about their careers and love lives. In an interview with the investigators, Ocasio-Cortez blamed a campaign staffer for failing to pay for her dress and other accessories, according to ethics office findings. Shepreviously made headlines for her relationship with disgraced actor Armie Hammer, whom she started dating in 2020 after meeting over social media. While it’s unclear when Tommy and Paige – who has racked up more than 407,000 followers on her Instagram for often flaunting her lavish lifestyle – started dating, they first started popping up on each other’s social media accounts in October 2022.