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Every Possible Hawaii Date In Persona 5, Ranked

Head to our dedicated arcana choices guide for more information on where to find and how to advance the Sun cooperation with Yoshida. Our detailed arcana choices page will fill you in on how to rank Mishima’s cooperation up quickly and what to say to him to make him happy. Our dedicated arcana choices guide can tell you where to find Tae and how to advance the Death cooperation with her. A significant part of that time-sink are the cooperations, as they take quite some time to rank up and there’s 21 of them. There are ways you can minimize the time spent in cooperations in order to free up more time, however, and that’s the purpose of this comprehensive Persona 5 Royal confidant guide. One major factor in Persona 5 that carries over from other games in the Persona series is the emphasis on the importance of time.

There’s ten romanceable characters in Persona 5 Royal – up one on the original release. Each is a confidant, and each can be given gifts and hung out with to enhance your relationship. Players need level 3 Guts to hang out with her, which is tough to get early into the game. What makes it especially difficult though is that many of Kawakami’s Confidant ranks are unavailable during the summer.

Haru (Empress) Confidant guide

The player either needs to finish her route quickly or wait out the summer break – add in her Mementos Request and you have one of the tougher romance routes in P5. The last major Phantom Thief introduced in vanilla Persona 5 is Haru Okumura. Also known as Noir, she has the least screentime of any of the main party members. As such, getting her romance route requires players to act quickly. There is more time allotted for it in Persona 5 Royal, but it’s still a tight fit. She also has the expected social skill barrier and a Mementos Request.

Makoto (Priestess) Confidant guide

This question greatly frustrated Sae, and she proceeded to put her down for being ungrateful for her family situation, up until she called Makoto a burden. This greatly distressed Makoto and Sae quickly apologized to her, no longer planning on eating dinner at their home from tomorrow on, causing the two sisters to have a fall out. By the events of the game, Sae is a public prosecutor of the Tokyo District Special Investigation Department responsible for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ case. In the prologue of the story, she requests interrogation of the captured protagonist, despite her dismissal from the investigation by her boss.

If all necessary steps have been taken, the third semester will begin. Since Akechi’s appearance on that day was only thanks to the altered reality, the protagonist must go through with his imprisonment to testify against Shido . These changes in history suggest that Sae never denied Maruki’s reality herself, nor did she have the chance to build her case against Shido as planned at the start of the New Year. The phone calls that are listed are for Persona 5 Royal only; while this guide is correct to the original game’s confidant cooperation relationship, the phone calls are not in that game.

The story just goes on without her and you can still get Vanilla’s true ending. Outside of her social link and story sections you could completely forget Marie exists. Makoto Nijima is aparty memberthat the player recruits during the Kaneshiro Palace arc. She’s an incredibly serious person, and she is dedicated to taking care of her fellow colleagues, driven by a desire to be as good as her older sister. Once she is recruited, she acts almost like the second-in-command of the Phantom Thieves.

Here, we’re going to run down every rank for each of the Confidants in the game, as well as the rewards you get for reaching each rank. Dialogue choice matters with some Confidants, so we have the dialogue options below. The outcome of this operation differs depending on the dialogue choices after the protagonist has finished his long reminiscence in the interrogation room with Sae when she starts listing his confidants and party members.

As long as you’re on the path to the true ending, this bond will pretty much take of itself, maxing out well before the end of the game. Also, the Judgement Arcana skips directly from rank 6 to max rank. The Twin Wardens give you their Confidant line almost immediately. Instead of interacting with them, you need to fuse a Persona with a specific ability to progress the Confidant line. Doing so doesn’t advance time, and you can progress any time you could enter the Velvet room.

Nonetheless, she honors her request and gets Zenkichi out of police custody. After the group clears the Kyoto Jail, Sae informs the group that the warrant against them is voided and the police would be unable to deal with them due to Zenkichi’s involvement with the Phantom Thieves, wishing them luck on their task. Her Confidant can only be maxed if the protagonist answers her second and third questions on November 20 correctly to avoid certain ruin and return to the present time. Her Confidant does not have Ranks 7, 8 or 9, jumping from 6 to 10 upon successfully surviving the interrogation and returning to the present.

Once the shadow is defeated, then players will finally be able to romance her. One thing fans of Persona 5 might not know is that Hifumi Togo was originally planned to be a party member. She’s a strategist represented by the Star arcana and an expert Shogi player and hanging out with her gives Joker a lot more options in battle. Of course, the appeal of Persona 5 isn’t just in dungeon crawling. Persona 5 Royal features a detailed life simulator mode with ten possible romantic options. It can be tough for first-time players to navigate Persona’s life sim elements.

This shows in her presence, fighting style, and personality. But aside from her stoicism, she can have her funny moments. Sadayo Kawakami is the homeroom teacher of Joker in Persona 5. She’s always tired and exhausted from her jobs, although she is a genuine person who loves to teach others. Outside of being a teacher, she also acts as a maid who helps ease Joker’s worries, whether it is by making coffee for him, making curry, or giving him a massage after maxing out the confidant.

However, unlocking her Confidant does have some requirements. Ann Takamaki is one of the earliest party members to join the Phantom Thieves. A sexual assault victim, she joins the team for revenge on the teacher who abused her. She’s also a very useful party member with her nice balance of healing and multi-targeting magic.