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What To Do When Both Partners Have Depression In A Relationship

Depressive symptoms can have a huge impact on your life, but they’re treatable with medication and therapy. Your partner’s judgment might be affected regardless of which mood state they’re in. Losing interest in activities is a symptom of depression, so don’t be surprised if your partner would rather stay home than go out. The first step is to encourage your partner to get out of their comfort zone and follow through on your plans, says Kissen.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for people with bipolar disorder to be misdiagnosed with depression. In the dating phase or at the beginning of a romantic relationship, we typically want to showcase our best selves. Whether it’s wearing our finest clothing or paying extra attention to our appearance, it’s human nature to try a little harder to impress the other person.

What Are the Typical Signs of Depression?

During the process of breaking up, also be careful not to send mixed signals to the other person. It can be helpful to plan out whether and when you will communicate again. Otherwise, if you just continue to contact them too much, they may start to think that you want to get back together. Our goal at Talkspace is to provide the most up-to-date, valuable, and objective information on mental health-related topics in order to help readers make informed decisions. There are many strategies couples can use to stop depression from sucking the joy and fun from their relationship.

How is it dating a person with Bipolar disorder?

Individuals who experience one or more episodes of depressed mood may be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder or another disorder depending on whether other symptoms are also present. The only way for someone with bipolar disorder to avoid these sudden breakups is to identify when they are starting to become irritable or angry. They may need help from a partner, family member or friend to do this. When dealing with the disease yourself, it helps to remember that you are not your depression. “It’s about the depressed person making a choice, which means they have to view it as something that they could have control over, even if they don’t feel like they do,” says Gemma.

Let Your Partner Know, But Not on the First Date

The study noted that ensuring you get adequate treatment for additional conditions is protective against divorce. Re-evaluating your division of labor may prove a valuable effort for the times when you do have episodes. Maybe there are a few certain activities that you can still do during mild episodes, and larger ones that aren’t feasible for you. If you’re married, then you may share a division of labor with your partner. You may be responsible for taking the kids to school, whereas your partner may be responsible for cooking dinner.

Anxiety and depression are mind and body issues and they should be treated with the same compassion as any other illness would be treated. Contact us today via phone, live chat, or contact form submission.We work 24/7. As a rule of thumb, having mental health issues is not an excuse to treat a partner poorly. People with mental health issues are certainly able to treat others with respect and love, just as people without mental health issues may treat a partner poorly. One of the common misconceptions of anxiety is that people with anxiety are lazy. Anxiety takes a toll on the mind, often leaving its victims too drained to do the things they would normally do in life, making it hard to even get out of bed.

On the flip side, loneliness can worsen your sadness. This is a condition where you have a very strong reaction to stress or unexpected change. Your depression symptoms might take 3-6 months to go away.

Hyperactivity and distractibility are two of the hallmark symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . However, they are also quite predominant in bipolar disorder, especially as it relates to children. To further complicate things, these conditions can often co-occur.

Another symptom of depression is a lack of interest and desire in things the person once enjoyed — this can include you and can make sustaining a satisfying romantic relationship difficult . Dating and romantic relationships are extremely personal, and many would argue there’s no way to “control” who you fall in love with. Breakup depression is not an actual medical term or diagnosis, but this does not mean that what you are feeling after a breakup does not represent a real condition. If your symptoms seem more serious than normal sadness after a breakup or if your symptoms seem to be getting worse, talk to your doctor about what you are feeling.

The discovery of such affairs can cause Major Depressive Episodes in the cheated spouse. If you are saying, “My marriage is making me depressed”, then lack of loyalty or trust or both could be the underlying trigger. Suspicion of being cheated on or uncovering a spouse’s infidelity can be massive setbacks that can erode your marriage, leaving you consumed with depressive thoughts. Akanksha says, “The whole environment of marriage becomes unsafe when one partner begins to control and dominate the other one. Your spouse is not your boss, who can tell you what to do and what not to do.

Aleah shares inspiring interviews with world-class experts and is your guide to discover how to attract true love, authentic connection, and deeply emotional and sexual intimacy. Banuel Dogayman is a breakup coach who shares his learning journey of finding medicine for a broken heart. Heal Your Heartbreak with your Break Up Bestie is a weekly podcast where each week I walk you through a topic as it relates to healing your heartbreak and helping you move through your break up. Topics include breaking up, healing, dating, and moving into happier and healthier relationships. The goal of this show is to provide hope, support, tips, and to remind you that you’re not alone and don’t have to go through this alone. Co-occurring conditions can affect the course of bipolar disorder or contribute to misdiagnosis.

A mood change like this could be triggered by something minor that pushes them into intense anger and irritability. People with bipolar disorder need to learn how they react to different situations to work on strategies for preventing these extreme episodes from happening again in the future. These sudden breakups may seem a bit over the top, given that there is no obvious reason why they would have to end a relationship. Still, as it turns out, this is not too uncommon for bipolar individuals who are going through one of their manic or hypomanic periods.

Offer to help them with making appointments or doing some of the daily chores that they are struggling to keep up with. Let them know that you are there for them in whatever way they need while they make their recovery. Support groups can also be a good option if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your partner’s mental health details with anyone you know. Some people feel afraid to share suicidal thoughts with loved ones. By asking, you’re letting them know they can be honest. If they don’t think about suicide, they won’t suddenly start just because you mentioned the topic.

The person you love might be gone, and you have no idea who is this listless, melancholy person in front of you. If you are in a relationship with someone who has depression, you are likely struggling with a mix of emotions and lots of questions. How will the symptoms and treatment impact your relationship?