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As soon as Klaus reveals up Elijah is able to assault him. Klaus tells Elijah and Rebekah that they have to do what ever they want to do to defeat their enemies. He tells him he’ll assist defeat Dahlia but is finished with him. They notice she has the White Oak Stake she then turns it into ash. Sometime later Elijah and Marcel have a funeral for Gia. Elijah decides to return to the compound simply to assist take of Hope.

Finn’s magic began to weaken with the reveal, made worse when Klaus forgave Elijah, exhibiting that he wasn’t the vicious wolf Finn represented him as. The animal heads started to burn and the plane dissipated, bringing them again to their our bodies. Sophie explains to Elijah that a werewolf named Hayley turned pregnant during her encounters with Klaus. Hayley is then brought out by different witches and Elijah asks for a moment alone together with her. Hayley would not know the way it’s attainable for her to be pregnant and Elijah explains how it could additionally be potential and shows her some elements of his family’s previous through his mind. He explains how they turned vampires and for Niklaus, the very first Hybrid, ensuing in the spell their mother solid on Klaus to suppress his werewolf facet.

Elijah tells Klaus that he won’t permit him to hurt their sister, Klaus asks how long he thinks he can defend her and he tells him he’ll defend as long as he can by any means necessary. He then states that Klaus seems like their father, Klaus gets offended and tells him that he was the one one who suffered from Mikael’s abuse while Elijah, Kol and Finn had been free from it. Once Hayley is secure he begins looking for his sister but finds just some bloody wolf bodies. Instead of finding Rebekah he encounters Celeste and the other witches, Celeste takes nice pleasure that he saved Hayley and left his household at risk. When he is free again he runs to Marcel and orders that each vampire goes to assist him find Rebekah and Klaus, and then he plans to kill the witches.

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Once house, Elijah went to the church the place Shen Min was being held to search out him about to kill Marcel and Hayley. Elijah impaled him with a bit of wood, earlier than telling him he wished answers. He grabbed Shen Min by the throat and compelled him to disclose what he The Strix’s plans had been and realized they have been after a weapon to make use of in opposition to the Mikaelsons. When Elijah tried to be taught extra, Shen Min committed suicide by eradicating his daylight ring and burning to dying, and halting Elijah’s investigation. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Elijah was understanding on the health club to get out some anger when Hayley arrived with an invitation she intercepted for him from The Strix, inviting him to a gala.

Klaus tried one last time to remind Elijah that they have been kings that stood shoulder to shoulder all through the ages, however Elijah proclaimed that Elijah Mikaelson was useless and snapped Klaus’ neck. When Elijah discovered Klaus was being held captive by the ancestral spirit of Davina Claire, making an attempt to sacrifice him to defeat the Hollow, Elijah provided himself up in his brother’s stead. The encounter was interrupted by Hope who used her magic to ship Davina away and free her father. Hayley criticized Elijah providing to sacrifice himself, telling him that she and Hope wanted him however Elijah reiterated the Hope wanted her father more than she needed him. Elijah promised to make the entire chaos round them proper, and Hayley asked him to begin out by giving the knife to Marcel as a show of peace.

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Elijah listens in on the dialog between Marcel and Sophie Deveraux, by which Marcel wants to know why Klaus has returned and was on the lookout for Jane-Anne. Elijah then calls Rebekah and reveals to her that Klaus’ former scholar, Marcel is still alive which Rebekah finds stunning. Elijah explains to his sister that the person who Klaus sired now rules New Orleans, with savage vampires and killing for any human to search out.


Before his dying, Freya was in a position to switch his soul into a pendant. In the sequence finale, Elijah chose to die as soon as once more alongside Klaus when his brother sacrificed himself to destroy the Hollow as quickly as and for all. His supernatural attributes apart, Elijah’s biggest asset is his sharp intellect.

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He calls Sophie from his phone and asks how they can enter, she gives some ideas and Elijah then figures out that he may use the blood of Klaus’ unborn baby to interrupt the spell. When Rebekah is free he breaks Thierry’s neck and confronts her and blames her for conspiring towards her personal blood. Rebekah calls him a hypocrite because he blames her for tearing their family aside, but his own feelings for Hayley are making rather more harm to their household.